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After that, you’ll be able to change the App Store country profile easily. Now, tap on your Apple ID, and this will open the account settings for your Apple ID. And if you tap Country or Region, this will provide you an option to choose the country for your Apple ID. Therefore, follow the same steps as above to change it back. Make sure to use your actual address and phone number. Now, try to switch the App Store country to see if the problem has gone.

  • After you’ve signed in, you’ll be brought to the Google Play Store, where you can install any apps you want.
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  • NowTV for one, which I was never able to get working on a Fire tablet.
  • The Google Play Store is now on your Kindle Fire HD and ready to rock.

That is exactly why I just bought the Fire HD 8 since my old iPad 1 & iPad 2 wont work with the Chegg website, and they can’t be updated to a more current OS version. So if we install the older versions , I guess that’s what would happen . Make sure that you install the APK files in the same exact order that you’ve downloaded them from above. You will find all your APK files will be here in this folder. All you have to do is simply tap on one to begin installing it onto your Kindle Fire.

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You can even download films, dramas, books, and the likes on the Google Play Store with various prices. And if you prefer to make some changes to your account, you can also try our Google Play Store MOD APK . You might want to update the Play Store to the latest version for various reasons- maybe your current version is buggy, or maybe you want the new UI. Whatever be the reason, you can always update the Play Store app manually on your Android phone.

It may seem too simple or easy, but checking your Internet connection could solve the problems you’re having. Try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile data, or vice versa, and see if the problem persists. You should also try switching your phone to “Airplane mode” and back again. Finally, you can restart your router to make absolutely sure you have a good connection. First of all, you’ll want to make sure the problem is on your end and not a wider problem with Google. Check the Play Store status on a service like Downdetector, for example.

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In case you tried the above steps but to no success, don’t panic. There’s still another way to change to another country on Google Play, but it involves deleting your account. Once the application is successfully installed on your device, open it, and sign in to your account. Go to and click on your current profile and click on edit option available next to your listed country. In addition to accessing the previously blocked site, using a VPN may even save you money for an option that has suddenly become available. This could range from a price tag, hotel pick, or a car rental to online streaming services such as HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, or Spotify.

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Unlike Android, iPhone users relatively find it hard to fake location on Grindr due to the limited available options. Though, you can easily change your location in Grindr on iPhone using dr.fone – Virtual Location . With just a single click, you can spoof Grindr location to anywhere in the world. The app would not know that you are using a spoofer and will unlock the new profiles nearby the spoofed location. Later, you can turn off the spoofed location whenever you want.

Connections are fast and very reliable which means you shouldn’t experience any performance issues. Surfshark is a low-cost VPN that lets you change your Google Play country or region as well as unblock popular geo-restricted content abroad. Specifically, Surfshark works well with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. However,this VPN is most notable for offering an unlimited number of simultaneous connectionswhich is obviously great for sharing the VPN with family. With Surfshark, you’ll have access to hundreds of servers in 50 countries. The Play Store will update your country and region when your IP address changes, so you can trick Google into thinking where you are with a VPN.

Authentication restrictions let you prevent unauthorized users from purchasing books,apps etc from the play store. There is no real setup required before you access the Play store for the first time, provided you have already setup a Google account on the device. You can buy a gift card with a $10 bill, enter the redemption code on the back into the “Complete account setup” box and hopefully not be pestered again for a payment method. Terms of Use or Terms and Conditions explain what services you offer the users and how you expect them to behave in return. Though Google doesn’t demand Terms of Use, it’s better to publish them.